Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plum Ginger Cake with Lemon Vanilla Jelly Glaze

Reading the posts from the last few days paints a picture that somehow I subsist on a diet of jelly. Which is probably not so far from the truth in relation to other folks, but I do eat healthy meals consisting on brown rice and legumes and meat and vegetables. Really! But winter beckons with its snowy claw and so I'm forced (forced!) to stay inside and create sweet concoctions. That's the view from the kitchen. Just yesterday it was all green and muddy. Sigh. I know, it's still January!! Leave winter be!

A much needed ray of sunshine: Lemon Vanilla Jelly. I did a small batch with some leftover apple extraction from the Tangelo Lemongrass Jelly I made for month one of the Tigress' Can Jam (follow link on sidebar for more on that). I didn't have any half-pint jars left, so I used a pint jar. My yield was a pint jar, sealed, and a half-pint in the fridge. A pint jar of jelly is an absurd thing. That's a lot of jelly, people.

1 cup of apple pectin extraction (see linked recipe above for directions)
1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 cups of sugar
1/3 of a vanilla bean pod, scraped

Combine all in a pan and bring to boil. Boil until jell point is reached, 220 degrees, about ten to fifteen minutes. This one jelled up quick! Can and seal, process for fifteen minutes. (I would do ten minutes for half-pints.)

It tastes tart and lemony, not too sweet, a delicate but firm set, and a hint of vanilla wafting through. Great tart glaze, I'll bet. And so...

So, what? So: I made this little cake based on my quick Lime Curd Cake recipe, but subbed plum ginger preserves in for the curd. The preserves were from this summer, rosy pink, tart and spicy, made from local Santa Rosa plums and Stayman Winesap apples. I glazed the cake with a spoonful of jelly heated and turned to syrup.

I was going to dust it with confectioner's sugar, but it was too pretty to cover with snow. There's enough of it outside!


  1. This sounds absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I want to make this. If they have any more of those ponderosa lemons I bet I could get a good gel just from those.

  2. I'm with you on staying indoors and making sweet things all winter. We would be forced to eat cakes and jams all winter long if it weren't for my other (arguably better) half.

    A pint of jelly IS a lot, so funny!

  3. More jelly! Yay! Love all your jelly the picture of the snow is beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Melissa! Those Ponderosas sound great.

    Kate- I know! I am happy nesting, but still, I can't wait to get back outside and shake this sugar pall.

    Ellie- Aw, thanks!

  5. Yum - think of that on a cornmeal based cake too!