Monday, November 2, 2009


I can't keep up with all the things I want to make, so I will occasionally just post them here for future use.

Like this recipe for Braised Beef Ribs that my friend Pete sent me: Balthazar's Braised Beef Ribs. Being who I am, that is, frugal, or austere, as my mother's kindly puts it, I will wait until I see the meat for sale in the store.

Then there's Jason's delightful soup recipe that I will get to shortly, being it's that time of year and all:

"Standard recipe, soak the beans over night, mire poix and garlic sauted, stock or broth, fresh rosemary, lots of pepper etc. But, I cooked it all down slow with smoked turkey "tail" then removed the meat and added it to the soup. I pureed half the beans so I got the creamy texture but still retained the heartiness then added escarole at the end. Really delicious, the smoked turkey is something I never tried before but amazing, I normally would use ham hock but some people don't eat pork so I tried it. Really good..."

Right now, I am working on the yogurt cake that Eve sent me the recipe for. I am very excited for it, because it was incredibly easy and smells delightful...More on that later!

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