Friday, November 27, 2009

Pasta with Chard, Peas and Mushrooms in Cream Sauce

I know it doesn't look like much, but I don't intend it to. After the debauched past few days, tonight's meal seemed rather uninspired. What I love about this, is this: that with a few things pulled from the fridge (chard, peas, mushrooms, cream, cheese) there can be such a quick, healthy (mmm, maybe not the cream and cheese part) satisfying meal. Do you ever wonder how specials come to be? Um, we have a lot of chard left over, what should I do with it? So, I give you the next day's meal with not a lick of turkey in sight. What's great about this meal is that I will probably never cook this again. Not exactly. Or, until I have all these ingredients in the fridge again in the same way. The probability is close to nil.

In olive oil, I sauteed garlic, then onion, then mushrooms, then chard. When I added the chard I also added two or three ladlefuls of the water that the pasta was cooking in. Let it all simmer. Added the peas. Then lowered the flame and added some cream. Drained the pasta and put it in a bowl. Added the creamy veggies. Lots of grated cheese and fresh parsley. Tossed it all. And you know, then it was time to eat. I like that.

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