Saturday, November 21, 2009

Round Up of Round Ups: Giving Thanks

Today is a quiet contemplative day so there's just me and some pictures and thinking about this week's cooking that I am excited for. It's Steve's birthday on Wednesday, and I have lots of goodies planned, among them deep fried oysters and champagne. And then there's the all day eating and drinking that is planned for Thursday. Don't forget the firewood! The wood stove will be cranking and some sparkly lights will certainly be involved. We will be listening to records, sipping brandy, and playing games. Delight!

Yesterday was the last day of the Kingston farmer's market, and I got there mainly to say good bye until next year. I didn't leave empty handed, though. How could you? I am particularly happy with my celery root and green cauliflower, which will combine forces for a puree on Thursday.

Food writers seem to go a little bananas on Thanksgiving, which is fine, but it makes my head spin a little. I wanted to hold onto a few links that had tons of recipes or links for the winter, so here they are:

Kingston, city of churches. Or something like that.

Christmas is coming and I'm not that worried about it, which is amazing for me. I might even be a wee bit excited for it. Excited is a strong word, however.

Good stuff lined up at Maynard farms. They are from my neighborhood! That's were I got my celeriac.
Until next year, my friend.

This pear was so incredible. I didn't have to do a thing except eat it.

This pumpkin comes every year and I have never planted it. It's a tough sucker that starts white and turns yellow as it ages.


  1. Julia, It's always good to have those quite and contemplative days to restore your mind and body. I hope you have a fun and fabulous celebration for Steve, and a great Thanksgiving!
    Best, Christine

  2. How thoughtful of you, Christine. I really appreciate your warm wishes. All best to you and yours for the holidays, as well!