Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Very Easy Corn Chowder

Lately, I've been craving lots of soup. The cold weather and its requisite colds are here, and the refrain of "lots of fluids" is ringing in my ears. This is the easiest, most satisfying soup you could as for. Why don't you do yourself a favor and make it? People should not only eat more soup, they should make more soup. It's easy and cures what ails you.

Saute a medium-sized onion in olive oil and a slice of butter. Slowly add two cups of chicken stock. If you prefer, you could just use water. Then add three or four potatoes, peeled and diced, and let them cook in the simmering broth until tender. Then add two cups of milk--I used 2 percent. Bring to almost simmering. Use your trusty immersion blender (one of those hand-held thingees) and puree until you get a nice smooth blend. Bring back to temperature and add two cups of frozen corn and a handful of chopped scallions. Parsley would be good too, but I was out. Salt and pepper. Cook for a bit more, making sure the corn has been heated thoroughly, and then you are done.

It would also be good with some bacon in it, but then doesn't everything? Say it! Chow-dah!

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