Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arugula and Tomatoes over Polenta with Goat Cheese

I love polenta, but I've realized that unless I buy some instant polenta (which is available and good, too) I shouldn't make it when it's just me and baby. Wayyyyy too much stirring is involved. I forgot. You can't watch a walking one-year-old and a bubbling pot of boiling cornmeal at the same time. Something will go wrong. Although, I did manage it the other day. I used medium ground organic cornmeal, milk, stock, butter, cheese, cheese and more cheese. And some rosemary. It was creamy and tangy. Topped with a quick saute of garlic in olive oil, arugula and big chunks of really ripe tomatoes. 

Goodbye, summer.


  1. Looks beautiful! I too love love love polenta. The creamier the better!

  2. I realize I'm a little late to the party here, but you might want to try making polenta in the oven. Using the standard stovetop proportions, mix polenta, water and salt in a baking pan to make sure there are no lumps, then cover with foil and bake for about an hour @350. Check after one hour and continue to cook if it's not completely done.

    If you chill it, it's possible some of the water will rise to top, but pour it off and the result will be perfectly sliceable polenta for frying. The advantage to this method is you can use a coarser grain– while the instant is good enough, it's a little texture-less for my tastes.

    1. Peter, thanks for taking the time to comment and give me this great information. Certainly never too late! I will definitely try this.

      Your recent cooking are all delicious: hazelnut cake, doughnuts and limoncello? Yum!