Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Collard greens with raisins and feta

When you grow good greens you eat good greens. The collards and kale are still going strong and I hope they continue into the snowy months. They will certainly be in the garden next year because if they grow, I will eat them. 

Clean and chop a huge bunch of collards. Saute a good sized onion in a goodly amount of olive oil. Add the greens and some chicken stock. Let them cook a good long while, continuously adding stock so the greens braise and soften. [It took me a while to understand that collards and kale really need to be cooked well. I like crisp vegetables, but you really want them to soften or they're tough, not crisp.] So, at least twenty minutes. In the last five minutes, add some golden raisins. Go ahead, eyeball it, see how much raisin you can take. I like a bit, but I have a sweet tooth. At the end, add a good sized chunk of feta and crumble it in. 

That's a good green. 

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