Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big, Fat Quesadillas

I never understood the quesadilla thing. When at restaurants, I always suspected a scam. At home, the only reason I ever ate them was because it was the only thing left in the fridge: cheese and tortillas. I would always opt for a grilled cheese if bread was around. But, in the interest of ease and speed, I have succumbed to them and find them quite satisfying and versatile. We've had this for dinner a few times and it always revolves around what might be in the fridge. The other day it was chicken, avocado, and tomatoes. Mmm. Big crispy tortilla holding cheesy goodness inside. What was my problem years back when I would sniff at a quesadilla?

I sauteed garlic in olive oil, added a few ripe tomatoes in chunks, let it simmer a bit, Added one shredded, poached chicken breast, salt, pepper, 1 tsp of curry powder (yes!) and a sprinkle of turmeric (try to get it in when I can; they say it's so good for you). I placed a tortilla in an oiled cast iron pan, sprinkled some cheddar cheese on one side, topped with some filling mixture (drained of juice) and folded the tortilla, placing another, smaller pan on top to apply pressure. After a few minutes I flipped it, let it cook for a few more minutes, and voila, dinner is served. I topped it with a dollop of full-fat yogurt, avocado slices, and poured a bit of the sauce left in the tomato pan around the sides of the tortilla.

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