Thursday, November 22, 2012


I thought my table looked rather pretty even with all the mismatched chairs and uneven tables. We had about twelve people here in our little dining room, and it was just lovely. I was slightly disappointed in the turkey---next year I will most certainly brine again. This year I didn't, and it just wasn't as succulent and seasoned as a brined bird. And I do believe I made the best apple pie--scratch that---best pie I've ever made in my life. It's all about the crust. Two words: leaf lard! And we were lucky to enjoy some Quady North Syrah that came all the way from Oregon, made by more family. Isn't that cool?

I kept on trying to explain to my son, who kept on wondering what Grandma would bring him, that Thanksgiving was not about presents (neither is Christmas really, but we'll get there soon). And it was sort of nice to repeat to him, and therefore myself, what Thanksgiving is about. 

It's about being thankful for what we have, that is, our family, our friends, the roof over our heads, the food on our table. This feels especially poignant right now, as our family is now living on their second floors (thankful for a second floor even!) due to Hurricane Sandy. They are driving an hour to buy brooms, rebuilding their homes, and watching others who are still more unfortunate themselves. And yet they are still the same people, having fun with us, talking, jibing, joking, eating and drinking. I wish I could offer them a cozy dining room every day.

I'm often thankful for what I have, but I still think it's important to spend this day remembering that specifically. Isn't it nice to know that a large portion of the country are at some point on this day feeling thankful? Maybe they are not doing it the exact way you are, but in some way they are sharing their life with friends and family, and that's really very huge.

Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you, always, for reading.


  1. julia, your table looks fabulous, of course you can't tell a turkey by a picture, but i'm certain all enjoyed it, as they loved your pie. wish i had a pie like that, so any time you want to fedex a slice we'll be the happy recipient!
    be well, my friend, it's wonderful to know you're well, this thursday, this thanksgiving night.
    my best for you,

    1. Dear Michael, I do wish I could fedex some pie to you! The best back at you!