Friday, November 9, 2012

Hog Jowl Dinnah

My day started early, about 5:30 a.m. At 8 a.m. I was at the river, hiking.

I never tire of these views of the river. I grew up on the Long Island Sound, and close to the Atlantic Ocean, and I often miss the salty seas. The tidal Hudson satisfies that need.

I've been coveting this abandoned house for a long time. It's for sale, and right around the bend from the river. I really wish someone would buy it and fix it up.

Ida Reds, one of my favorite cooking apples. I made Candied Pickled Apples, a recipe from Canning for a New Generation by Liana Krissoff. It's a book that I highly recommend, even if just for this recipe. I double-batched it this year because last year there just wasn't enough.

These peppercorns make up part of the supporting cast in the recipe.

We played outside a lot. After a lot of bitter cold days, today was just brisk. A perfect November day. We did a closed elementary playground and the back yard sand pile. I love this tree, how it drapes in the last sun of the day.

The hog jowl. Very much anticipated. It delivered. We couldn't resist eating a slice on top of our meal. I was hoping to have ham slices for dinner, but I have learned to always give yourself a few extra hours when smoking. You never know how slowly things will cook. In this case, cooking the two portions of meat slowed down the time for both. I should've known, and started earlier, but I was not disappointed in a slice of smoked jowl for dinner.

Not the best picture, but I was hungry (as is my usual excuse!). I realized while washing dishes that this meal was all local. Local meat, local corn (frozen), creamed kale with Ronnybrook Farms cream and Pine Island onions. Not pictured were non-local buttermilk cheddar cheese muffins.

And now for some rest. Good night!


  1. hello ms.bacon!
    beautiful work all the way around.

  2. Hello, indeed! Thank you for commenting on all my lonely posts--a few were commentless and you've cheered them up!

  3. That looks delicious, thanks for sharing.....