Thursday, November 8, 2012


This pâté is of the fine pork liver pâté variety, of which I made last year. I make it because I get a large chunk of fresh liver and some fresh fat, and that's what this is. Many liver pâtés are a mix of meat mixed with some liver, or so I've found. What I also love is that I can freeze this and then take it out and cook it off, which is nice when the yield is an insane amount of pâté that no one can eat in the time it needs to be eaten in.

Indeed, my only mistake last year was to use huge bread loaf pans, which is still a LOT of pâté to consume. This year I got smart: quarter ounce mason jars, and four brand-spanking-new Valerie Bertinelli mini-loaf pans. (Note: I did not buy these, but was gifted them from a person who has one of the best senses of humor. Thank you, Jason! Next time you come up, you get liver pâté, Bertinelli-style!) When I do cook these off, I'll dress them with coarsely ground pepper, some pistachios, and maybe some thinly sliced prunes.

I'm already thinking of holiday gifts: a small jar of home made vinegar, a jar of pâté, quince jam and some local cheese? Doesn't that sound nice? Aside from these lovely Valerie Bertinelli mini-loaf pans (I love saying that!) I also got a gallon of very good extra virgin olive oil. That's a pretty special gift to come walking in with, wouldn't you say? I'm pretty easily pleased though, as long as I can eat or drink it, or cook with it, I'm happy. I guess it always depends on the person, but I'm partial to edible gifts. What do you bring over for your host/hostesses when you come a calling?

The creepy looking freezer.

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