Sunday, March 27, 2011

Buttermilk and Avocado Smoothie

Do you have a horror story about getting your wisdom teeth removed? I just got my two top widsom teeth extracted, as they say, and I was really not looking forward to it, obviously. I'm one of those people who for some strange reason won't listen to sound advice about getting their teeth removed. As a teenager and twenty-something I was told time and time again to get my wisdom teeth removed. Ever the conspiracy theorist, I would refuse, thinking the dentist was requesting my first-born. "You will never get my wisdom teeth," I hissed. Well, years later, now that my forty-year-old teeth are nice and fused to my jaw, I actually had to get them out because they were hurting. So, I'll spare you the details of mine, it went rather quickly, and my recovery has been quick. If you want to share your pain, please go ahead in the comments, by all means!

I got my teeth removed on Thursday. I had to fast ALL day, which is tantamount to torture for me. Particularly because I spend my days with a 2 1/2 year old who grazes on snacks around the clock. Then I was in a Vicodin funk because as much as I like to be anesthetized, that stuff makes my stomach turn so much that it's not worth it. Of course, one of the things you turn to during these times are smoothies. (No straws! Watch out for seeds and rice! Dry socket lurks!) I'd been meaning to branch out to buttermilk smoothies for a while now, and here was my chance.

Buttermilk is something I now have on hand all the time, as it's about the easiest cultured milk product you can make, even easier than crème fraîche. And maybe a little better for you and just as helpful. I bake with buttermilk all the time. I'm so glad that Annette at Sustainable Eats turned me on to it. Another fan of buttermilk is Kate from Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking (who, I just noticed, is having a Baking Illustrated book giveaway right now, btw!). She knows that baking with buttermilk is a wondrous thing. Like buttermilk cake, for example!

There was a nice, ripe avocado on hand, and I thought: avocado smoothie! The syrup I used was from making candied citrus, so it was a mix of oranges and lemons. What was so surprising to me was how whipped buttermilk became after a minute in the blender. It was so lush and creamy, it was almost like pudding, but still drinkable. I'm pondering the pudding idea--maybe I'll add a banana to thicken it. But I do know I'll have another buttermilk smoothie! I had never thought of drinking buttermilk, even though many folks do it. Now I'm a believer.

1/2 avocado
1 cup cultured buttermilk
2-3 tablespoons of lemon syrup (a nice substitute would be agave nectar or honey)

Put it in a blender and whoosh. It's time for dinner!

Smoothie plus garden catalog = winter heaven.


  1. Actually, Vanilla Garlic posted a buttermilk pudding recently. Between this shake and that pudding, buttermilk has become a curious baking character in my head.

  2. Ooh, now buttermilk pudding sounds amazing! Buttermilk makes everything better! I can't stop making buttermilk sherbet. Lemon. Or any citrus. Love.
    Hope your mouth is healing!

  3. You have my sympathies: I had all mine out at once and I don't recommend it as a generally fun experience. Hope you're all better, or very close to it!

  4. Emily - I posted that on my FB page the other day! It looks amazing. You should totally try buttermilk out, so easy to make. Makes everything light and fluffy.

    Meg - I always notice when you mention your buttermilk sherbet. Do you have a recipe on your blog?

    Sarah - Thanks- yes no fun really! Four at once would be intolerable. Ugh.

  5. Avocado shakes are my favorite, and folks usually cringe when I mention this so it's nice to see a post about em. Never woulda thought to drink buttermilk though so I'll have to try it. Next time you make one, try adding sweetened condensed milk (if it doesn't gross you out for some reason...) instead of honey/syrup, it might not be the healthiest, but it is damn good.

    Also, thanks for the comment on hvfn about my marmalade setting after a few days, I was about to open up my jars and cook it down more until I saw that, and guess what, you were right! It set after a few days.

    Hope the mouth pain is dissipating quickly, having your wisdom teeth out is no fun at all!

  6. I've only had one wisdom tooth pulled. My go-to meal was instant mashed potatoes with blue cheese crumbled and stirred in. I wish I'd had your smoothie idea. It looks great.

  7. Samantha - Can avocados do no wrong? And, for the record, I love me some sweetened condensed milk. That stuff is sort of off the hook, as they say. And so glad your marm set! It can sometimes take up to two weeks for things to set. And thanks for your well wishes, I'm feeling much better!

    Denise - That doesn't sound so bad!

  8. poverina, the tooth fairy needs to give you a more friendly visit! that must have hurt. oh, i feel for you! even now that it's behind you, the aching, wish you well, smoothies are an excellent alternate food. hope you can soon again bite into a nice ny strip steak, a crunchy carrot and crusty bread.
    my best for you,

  9. Thanks, Michael! Hoping for a steak tonight!

  10. Now we're talking. Usually the top "extractions" heal better than the bottom ones as my poor husband can attest the dry sockets and his dentist was skiing for 2 weeks.
    I wish I had the smoothies then. Loving the use of buttermilk too!

  11. Pat - Oh, goodness, yuck!! Dry socket just sound like the worst thing ever!