Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the Garden: Transplanting an Elderberry Bush

Going for a ride in the wagon!
 Right now we are waiting on yet another snow storm that should last tonight and tomorrow, which is pretty depressing, so I'm going to stick my fingers in my ears and sing a little until it's over. While I do that, I'm going to think about last week when I planted some Red Giant mustard greens, radishes, and two kinds of peas. It felt so good to be back in the dirt.

While I had the chance, I also transplanted my elderberry bushes. I had gotten them as a present from my mother a few years ago, and promptly planted them in the worst possible spot in my yard. That would be a hot, dry spot. The bad part is the dry part. Elderberries want to have their feet in the water and their faces in the sun. I happen to have a pond and a stream on my land, so I moved them down there. Right next to the wild elderberries I found last summer, growing on the edge of the pond. I hope to have a big family of them down there one day. They reproduce quickly, if given the right conditions. And they don't need much upkeep, if any at all.

You can use elderberries to make many a wonderful jelly or wine, but I mostly like the syrup. I might be dreaming, but during this epic winter, we didn't get sick once. And I think it was the elderberry syrup.

Can you see them in all this dreary brown??


  1. Mustard greens, radishes, and two kinds of peas -- most excellent! I hope they are wrong about your snow. The cold and snow, it's almost over, right?

  2. You didn't get sick once, and you have a toddler? Holy crow. I'm going out & finding us an elderberry bush. On the double.

    Good luck with yours!

    We put in our peas around March 19th. Hoping they do well! I haven't check to see if they germinated yet.

  3. You're amazing! Just saw your rhubarb liquor! Wow! Is it getting to be rhubarb season there? I hear that you have daffodils. Is it true? Rhubarb liquor and elderberry're amazingly inspiring to me!

  4. Hi Emily! It was amazing. I'm hoping it was the elderberry syrup, because I'm making tons for next year! Good luck on your peas!

    Sub-T, what up? Aww, thanks, girl! You come down here and we'll have ourselves a glass of that hooch!

  5. It looks like your elders will be happy in their new home. I just keep coming back over here to see them riding in the wagon. I love that photo!

    It's funny that you did this just as we were having so much elderberry talk and just after I got my first plants -- or sticks, which is what they look like -- by happy accident. I'm still trying to pick the best place for them.

  6. Meg - Thank you! Wish you could see it in the flesh!

    Shae - Thanks, Shae. It's such a happy little wagon. I love it almost more than Sterling does!

    I know! I had taken these photos I think the day that you got yours. Weird, huh?

  7. I live in coastal Maryland, near the beach - I am trying to find elderberry bushes to plant - can you recommend any online retailers?


    1. Hi Julie- I really like Miller Nurseries because they are based in New York. I'm sure you can find a good retailer nearer to you, but I don't know who they would be. Good luck!