Monday, December 13, 2010

Egg Nog Smoothie

I've been thinking about an egg nog smoothie for a few days now. When I googled it I found tons of recipes, not surprisingly, but they all used boughten egg nog. Well, duh! But I was looking for something that didn't want me to go out an buy some gross eggnog. (Just curious, do you prefer to spell it "egg nog" or "eggnog?") I know there's organic, awesome egg nog to buy out there, but you know me, I don't want to buy it, I want to make it. And of course, I'm not talking real egg nog here, I just want a little seasonal smoothie to enjoy with my little boy when he wakes up from his nap.

Now, you want to talk real egg nog? When I was a kid my Dad made the most spectacular, pull-out-all-the-stops egg nog. It was thick and foamy and warming, filled with cream, eggs and brandy, like a good egg nog should. That was the special thing that my dad would make for Christmas. We got a small mug-full, each of us three children, and savored every last bit. (No one was afraid to dole out a little booze to kids back in the seventies.)

So here it 'tis:

Egg Nog Smoothie (doesn't egg nog start to look weird since I wrote it so many times?)

1 cup of full fat yogurt (can people stop eating fat-free yogurt? It's horrible.)
1/4 cup of cream (that's right. More cream.)
1 teaspoon of good vanilla
a hearty sprinkle of nutmeg
1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar, depending on your taste

Put the yogurt in a pint jar. Pour the cream over it. Add the sugar, nutmeg and vanilla. Put a lid on it and shake the heck out of it for about a minute. This is key. Don't do it in a blender. Shaking it causes the fat to whip up, like whipped cream. What you are left with is a soft, very rich, thick deliciousness. Give this to a cranky toddler when they awake from a nap and they will be putty in your hands. Until it's done.

You could add a banana, but then it just tastes like a banana smoothie to me, and while that's fine, it's just not an egg nog flavor. Do you put bananas in your egg nog? Right.
You could also add honey, but the honey, in my estimation was too strong a taste. Again, in deference to the nog, I say: no honey.
You could also add some booze or boozey extract. I won't mind. Boozey smoothie? Hmmm. That might be my next post.

P.s. The probability is high that you could win a jar of Christmas Jam! Leave a comment on my post for Christmas Jam. The possibilities are finite!


  1. Nog nog nog. Nog nog nog.

    If I were cranky (which of course I regularly am) this would certainly cheer me up. Sterling is a smart boy.

    I take the spaces out whenever I can, so I lean toward "eggnog." I lean toward your eggnog, in particular.

    Nog nog. You're right about that.

  2. I think I'm with Shae- eggnog. But it is kind of a word that looks strange isn't it?
    The good ol' days when kids could get a snippet of nog. Sigh. Reminds me of some of my fondest memories as a kid were at my grandpa's house and he always had neighborhood wine time at 5 prompt. He made a ton of wine in the basement- elderberry, rhubarb, choke cherry and the like. My job was setting out the chickn biscuit (?) and vegetable thin crackers and slicing up cheese. But my brother and I always got a homemade wine cooler with wine and 7-up. And grandma would send me elderberry jam (paraffin wax sealed, of course) for my birthday. A case of basement brew for my 21st =)

  3. Sign me up for a boozie smoothie!! I'll use it to wash down my boozy fruitcake and boozy figgy pudding. :-)

    Ho ho ho!

  4. The only store-bought eggnog that was acceptable for the vast majority of my life was Hood - in the gold carton mind you (and yes, can we just pretend that LOW FAT EGGNOG does not exist? Seriously, people - what is the point?). It is still my favorite; tasty, thick, not too eggy. I recently tried Ronnybrook's eggnog, and I gotta say.. it *might* come close to my beloved Hood (alas, difficult to find Hood in my NY 'hood).

    I've tried many others - blech. Vile. Strangely enough, I don't really like homemade eggnog; my Mom used to make it for us when we were sick and she is really the worst cook on the planet. There was always unincorporated egg yolk at the bottom of the glass... eww.

  5. I will have to give this a try. I want to like eggnog, I want to try eggnog...really I do, but something about the 'egg' part gets me every time ;)


  7. Shae - NOG! NOOOGGGG! Heh, heh.

    Meg - I didn't mention that one day I had a mite too much egg nog. That was when I was twelve. I won't divulge the particulars. But it wasn't pretty. Those stories of your grandfolks are stunning. I wish you would write it into a post. Especially the chickn biscuit. But seriously. I mean it. So cool.

    Julianne - That sounds perfect!

    Kaela - I cannot, CANNOT, tell you how disgusting that is. Especially when you are sick. That's just not how egg nog is supposed to be.

    Allison - This is perfect. No eggs!

    Mamou - Oh, mom! Take your caps off!

  8. 12 & too much nog! I imagine that was funny (in one way or another at least!) And reminds me of some crazy stunts with parental boxed wine in the fridge at about 12....the nozzle (?) got stuck open when we were trying for a taste....Mess & some explaining to do. =)
    I have a lot of partially written g-parent posts....New year and I'm on it! To this day, a deep (& disgusting) liking for chickn biscuit crackers. Damn the frightening food of my youth!

  9. Meg - Looking forward to those posts! I wonder if in one of them you can tell me what chickn biscuit crackers are/is?

  10. mmmm. more fodder for the vitamix!

  11. I made my wife a noggaccino last week. It was well received. Had it been later in the day, I would have poured a shot of whiskey in, too.

  12. Rebecca - Mmm. Yes!

    Peter - Mmm. Yes, as well!