Monday, December 20, 2010

DIY Christmas Tree

So, not that bad for a tree I made myself, right? I haven't bought a Christmas tree in years, mostly because I'm sort of a bah humbug-ish type of person. But the past few years I've been making tree-like structures because it's sort of fun. Last year I turned a tomato cage upside down and wrapped grape vines around it. Like this:

I wrapped blue lights around it and called it a day. It was minimalist, but what doesn't look good in the dark wrapped in blue lights? This summer it was a cucumber trellis, and now, it's back to being a Christmas tree. Except this year, what with my two-year old becoming very quickly savvy to what goes on this time of year, I decided to step it up and throw some greens on it. Like this:

I used green wire to attach the boughs to the cage and vines. I scavenged the evergreens from my property.

The cat found it very intriguing. And who knows what will happen next year. Maybe I'll have a big enough tree to cut down from my property. I do know this: throw some lights and fun ornaments on anything, and you will have a little boy's eyes all aglow. And maybe a cat's, too.

Tonight is a lunar eclipse, along with a full moon and the winter solstice. Peace out!


  1. Very clever and if everyone is happy, nothing else really matters. You are all set.

  2. ha ha, I have a pile of greens by our front door that Gregg collected for me at the park because I mentioned making a wreath... this is a MUCH better idea!

  3. Love it!!! That last picture is freekin' adorable :)

  4. Yeah, what Amy said. He is soooo cute sitting there by the tree.
    What a smart lady you are!

  5. All I can say is that as a mother of a 4.5 year old... we have our first real tree despite my proclamation many years ago that *I* would never have one. My son is so into it that he burned up my humbug and molded the muddy ashes into a hoedown! I'm amazed at my transformation. Really. Love your creative spirit --- what we won't do for our lovies eh?

  6. Denise - Thanks! I'm feeling like it's just fine.

    RamonaX - I'll be you will make a far superior tree! Hope I get to see it!

    Amy - My heart swells every time I see it. : )

    Kate - Aw, thanks Kate!

    Erin - I can feel myself totally changing into a Christmassy kind of person. What I won't do for him indeed, but what he doesn't do for me. To see such pure joy is, well, purely joyful!