Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jelly Glazed Roll Cookies

I will admit right off the bat that I'm not a great cookie maker. I am, however, a great cookie admirer and eater. When I was growing up, my mother and I would make cookies: gingerbread men with currants for eyes, roll cookies with colored icing, and Pfeffernüsse. Nothing too overboard. I think maybe a few years we even attempted gingerbread houses. The biggest baking tradition was something I wasn't overly involved in, except for the eating of it, and that was croissants for Christmas morning breakfast. It was probably the only thing that could pull us away from our gifts. Flaky and warm, pull them apart and add more butter, and black cherry Hero jam, which we would always have, our special jam.

For the past fifteen years I have carried my cookie cutters around with me in a slowly deteriorating ziploc bag. I haven't used them much. But now that I have a two-year old who shows interest in baking with me, I've pulled them out from the back of the least used cabinet, high above the fridge, realizing that I had an opportunity to get back into the fun of cookie making for the holidays. I'm not sure if I'll ever be good enough to put together snazzy boxes that some people do, but you've got to start somewhere, right?

I decided to just do some plain roll cookies using those sweet old shapes that I used as a child. I glazed them with quince and apple jelly that had a soft set, and when they dried I sprinkled them with confectioner's sugar. I used a basic roll cookie recipe from The Joy of Cooking.

The only problem? It was hard to get my son to help with making the cookies because all he wanted to do was to eat the dough. I totally understood! I scooted him away until the cookies were done and cooled, and we had a cookie feast at 10 a.m. on this drizzly, cold Sunday morning.

Do you make cookies for the holidays? I'll bet you at least eat them. I'd love to hear what people are making or posting about on cookies. And don't forget to leave a comment on my post for Christmas Jam, for a chance to win a jar of it!

Kate from Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking is also hosting a jam giveaway. You have to come up with a clever name for her marmalade though. This ain't no random generator thang. I'm still trying to think of my entry.

Some inspiring cookie posts I've seen lately:

Mrs. Wheelbarrow's cookie check list. Wow!
The Project Girl's cute little boxes for cookies. I don't think I can make anything that cute.
Shae from Hitchhiking to Heaven's great jam cookie round up. Comprehensive!
Rumballs and Soft Caramels from Rebecca at RCakewalk.
Advanced cookie exchange reading from Ashley at Small Measure, who wrote this last year for Design*Sponge.
And just for fun, here's a recipe for Croissants from Three Clever Sisters, who always seem to have something awesome in the oven. Maybe one day I'll try this!


  1. I have the same deteriorating Ziploc full of cookie cutters. Although lately I've found a use for them in making decorative pie lattice, so I dig them out more than I used to. I always make my over-stuffed chocolate chip cookies around the holidays; but maybe I'll get inspired this year and break out the cookie cutters one more time.

  2. I've never been a big holiday cookie baker, but my mom often sends those fancy boxes you mention. My favorites have always been her almond crescents. Mmm mmm.

  3. How about MARMALADE CATJAM.



  4. Kaela - I just had such a stupid moment, because I finally realized how people got such cute little cut-outs on their pies. Huge duh! Thank you for the elucidation.

    Denise - I know you also have a penchant for the almond. I would covet those, as well!

    Mamou - Thanks for visiting! You're cute. We'll see on that one.

  5. You inspired me to write about my recent cookie baking, two year old helping out, of course:

    Gingerbread cookies!

    I'll be thinking of jam names.

  6. Emily - That's so sweet! Your little boy is adorable!