Saturday, September 19, 2009

Red Peppers

At our local super farm market (Adam's Fairacre Farms) they have a section with produce marked with low prices for quick sale. Sometimes it's packed with great deals, like bags of red peppers for 99 cents. (Digression: my keyboard doesn't seem to have a cent symbol. Is that how the way of the world is going?) So, along with the bag of apples and pears, and ripe bananas, broccoli rabe, and zucchini (which I don't even care for), I took home two bags full of those peppers. Only problem is, I've got to prepare everything. I chopped all the zucchini and froze it for bread at a later date. The broccoli rabe was also frozen for throwing into a nice soup one day. The peppers I roasted on the grill and prepared two ways: one, on the right, is just with garlic and olive oil to keep in the fridge for bread and cheese, or sandwiches, the other, on the left, is a romesco sauce I, no exaggeration, threw together. As I have mentioned, I'm not too keen on recipes and feel my way through things. I liked it just fine. Froze half and kept the rest in the fridge for a quick meal. I was tired and on the tail end of a cold, so here is what I remember:

Romesco Sauce (Sorta)

Filled the food processor half way with roasted red peppers.
Sauteed up two ripe tomatoes with a handful of garlice in some olive oil, then in the processor with the peppers.
A handful of walnuts (almonds or hazelnuts are proper, but all I had was walnuts).
Some nice, cheesy bread crumbs I had in the fridge (made from a batch of croutons gone awry).
Whizzed it up, while pouring a goodly amount (3/4 cup?) of olive oil in;
then a 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar (maybe less?) to finish it off. Salt and pepper, too.

Now I gotta slog through the banana bread I have on deck, and apple and pear sauce...I can't imagine what life must have been like, back in the day, when folks depended on their harvest for their livelihood. A man I was buying used canning jars from said that his mother often said that the worst thing to see in the kitchen was a large basket of vegetables that had to be preserved right away. My word.


  1. That Romesco sauce looks delicious...and I'll forgive you for subbing the walnuts for almonds - Pete

  2. For the cent "symbol", use the period before the number

  3. Thanks, Ailene! This post was so long ago, when I couldn't figure out anything. Now I've figured out a few things, but still hadn't gotten the cents symbol...Until now. : )