Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jelly Stands for J!

I'd like to introduce you to Lemon-Lime Jelly. Well, maybe Lemon-Lime Glaze. Not sure yet. Some jellies take two weeks to firm up, so we'll see, but I'm not optimistic. This was an experiment, which most reliable canning books tell you not to undertake, but I don't listen to anything. Not trying to be rogue here, I'm just lazy. I think its best to be wary of canning, but I also let a lot of stuff fly. (N.B.: I have been doing this haphazardly for fifteen years, so...) I was checking out some recipes on NPR and they were really loosey-goosey which brought out the crank in me, but whatever. I would have commented on it all, but you had to log in.

I thought that maybe since lemons and limes are so high in pectin--some store bought pectin is derived from citrus peel, mostly lime--I figured let's make a go of it, relying on a recipe for crab apple jelly, which are also high in pectin. I added some lime peel to the mix hoping for its pectin goodness. The jelling point came really quickly, which surprised me because last time it took forever. Apparently, this happens. Thank god for my new candy thermometer. I love it!

Whatever it is, it tastes delicious, just not sure of its jelly status.


  1. Are you sure jelly stands for J?

  2. So, did this ever set? If not, how did you use it up? I've got a couple jars of unset jelly in my pantry and I keep meaning to use them as a glaze on a quick bread, but I need to eat quick bread like I need a hole in the head.

    Oh, just had an idea for the base of a marinade.

    Anyhoo, how are you using it up if it didn't set?

    1. Lindsay, I'm so sorry I never wrote back! Was out of town! Um, I can't remember it was one of my earliest posts! I use syrupy jelly like, well syrup! I actually use it to make quick breads, but yes, we don't need much more quick breads, do we?? ; )
      Marinades are great, as are salad dressings: 1 teaspoon, pour in vinegar to thin, then mix in oil, s&p. My fave dressing these days is a marmalade. Also did a fig fennel balsamic dressing with an older fig fennel jam I had gathering dust.