Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elderberry Vinegar

I think this year was the year of the fruit-infused vinegar for me. Partly because of my laziness. Every time I had something starting to molder, I would toss it in some vinegar and that would be it. One of my favorites of the season was elderberry vinegar. Usually, I save all the precious elderberries for syrup. But there was an errant pint of them sitting in my fridge a little too long, so I poured some cider vinegar on top of them. They sat in the vinegar for a while. I forgot about them. Then I drained the vinegar off when I got around to it. It sits in a jar in my cupboard with no further ado. And now a splash of the vinegar (drained of the berries) in a cold glass of cider is my tonic for the day. Especially since I'm fighting off this horrible bug. Wish me luck that I can get outside and enjoy this brisk fall weather soon!


  1. Julia, I'm sorry you are feeling sick. I hope your elderberry vinegar works it magic!
    We planted a few elderflowers a couple of years ago, I'm dying to have a real harvest.
    Take care my friend,

  2. Oh, Erin you are so sweet to drop in and send good wishes! Thank you!! xox!