Monday, January 7, 2013

Turkey Pot Pie

Roasting a turkey is always a treat. We don't tire of it in the winter time. After we eat what we can for dinner, it gets dismantled: the meat pulled off all the bones, everything else in the stock pot. Last week we had turkey noodle soup, and there's still two quarts of stock for another round of soup. We had turkey enchiladas, turkey sandwiches (hot open with gravy, and cold with mayo and capers), and turkey pot pie. When I roast off the turkey, I used the neck and gizzards for a quick two cups of stock to make gravy. I make a LOT of gravy. That way turkey pot pie is halfway made. This time I put together a quick suet pastry, and filled the pies with a mixture of turkey meat, gravy, corn (summertime corn!), mushrooms and onions chopped super fine, and a good bit of chopped dill and parsley. It was incredibly delicious! Of course, you can use regular pastry dough made with butter, but the suet is a pretty tasty secret.

Pot pies are rustic fare that really aren't that hard to make. And they are so much better than the stuff you get in the frozen food aisle that usually have five billion calories. It's not that my version is lo-cal, far from it I'll bet, but it's such real food. The suet pastry recipe linked to above will make enough pastry for two small pies. Don't roll the dough out too thin, so it can puff up!


  1. Your pot pie looks and sounds delicious. I've made shepherd's pies, but have for some odd reason never ventured into pot pies. I believe that needs to change as soon as possible!