Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oyster Po'boy

A nice way to start the year. Have you ever made a po'boy? Is it one of the easiest thing in the world? Yes, as long as the oysters are pre-shucked. I love it when simple things are the most special. We had ours with an untraditional purple slaw that had lots of dill and parsley in it. And no tomatoes. But there was lots of mayo with hot sauce on it!


  1. love po'boys! my shake'n bake mix has a fair amount of cayenne, black pepper and one finely grated jalapeƱo.
    it is spicy, but fun to eat with a remoulade sauce.
    no toast needed, bread is too hard to earn...

  2. Spicy! I am not so bold as you, and went with harisaa and paprika. And I agree, sometimes the bread gets in the way.

  3. Oh, my favorite po-boy, by far! If only we could get good french bread up north. SIGH.

    1. Our bread was far from perfect, I assure you! I still do it anyway. I'll bet if you're from the land of po'boys, that might be a deal breaker.