Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jelly Toddy

When you have more jelly than a human should reasonably lay claim to, you start finding that jelly can be used in myriad applications. Yesterday's discovery was a brilliant scientific breakthrough: the jelly toddy. Aha!

People have been using jelly to sweeten tea for ages, I'm sure, and this is probably not new to the world, but it's new to me and a delightful way to have a civilized bit of libation after a walk in powdery, sparkly snow.

What was particularly lovely about this toddy, was the mixture. I used two ounces of the coffee liqueur I made, and a spoonful of the lemon vanilla jelly from the other day, topped with hot water. The coffee liqueur is made with coffee beans, natch, and star anise. With the lemon added it tasted just like espresso with anisette and a lemon peel, which is the way it was served in our house growing up. (We were an anisette house, not sambuca.) I love how the lemon pulp and vanilla released from the jelly.

I'm thinking about a bunch of other toddy ideas, especially with a rose geranium jelly I have. I'm also going to have to try this Breakfast Martini, of which there are a few iterations basically involving booze and marmalade. Perfect! Steve thinks it sounds disgusting ("I don't want chunks in my martini, particularly if I am having it for breakfast." Point taken.) But I think it sounds delicious. Just not too many rinds. Maybe strain the chunks and garnish with a candied peel? Though, I won't be having it for breakfast anytime soon, as that is usually around 5 a.m. Maybe when the baby starts waking up at a godly hour, instead of the ungodly one of 4:30 a.m.

Winter, I think I love you again. The toddy helped. So did the toddler.


  1. Beautiful! Poetic! Original....

    Love, Mamou

  2. Beautiful post! I haven't experienced a true winter. Hopefully soon.

  3. Thanks, Mamou!

    Christine-Ooo, it was.

    Ellie- Thanks so much! Winter? You're not missing that much.

  4. What a great idea! Also, it's a way to make a really special drink that is non-alcoholic, for those times when you don't want the booze. I have never been too interested in jelly for the traiditional uses--I like the seeds and the pulp in jam spread on hot toast--but this is a different story. And very elegant!

  5. Thanks, Sara! You are absolutely right. (And of course you would be thinking of that right now!) I am nursing a sore throat at the moment, and I think it would be a good idea to have a nice hot toddy, sans booze.

  6. I've been using my lemon marmalade in hot water and honey too. Lemons aren't local and I don't normally buy them but I got some for the can jam. I figured I'd do with what I had on hand.

    I love the pictures of your toddler in the snow all bundled up. :)

  7. Annette- Mmm. Lemon marmalade tea. It sounds like you've been needing it lately. I just got a major sore throat and have been tea central...
    Isn't he a cutie?

  8. This post delights me in so many ways. Those little legs in the snow, ah!

    Plus, please count me in for breakfast at your house when marmalade martinis are being served.

  9. Kate- Aw, thanks, lady! And, re: the martinis, but of course!