Friday, February 19, 2010

The Heavy Heavy Carrot Apple Chutney Sound

I am on the chutney train, people. I really didn't think this was going to be good while I was cooking it. I thought, damn, I put too much in. Made it too complicated. But lordy, is this good. I don't often eat chutney out of the jar but I am now a convert. And yes, this would be stellar on some good creamy yogurt. Or with some cheese and bread. Sadly, I didn't process these guys in a water bath because I am out of lids. Lidless. Just did a major overhaul of my canning workshop in the basement and lo, things are, well, low. But whatever, this will store in the fridge just fine, and srsly, I did mix it up a bit with a few different recipes, so maybe it's all for the best. I based the measurements on the Ball book's Golden Gossip Chutney, and got some inspiration from all the chutney-tarians out there. A lunch of cookies and chutney is balanced, right?

1 1/2 cups of grated carrot
1 cup of grated apple
1 cup of grated pear
1 finely diced onion
1 finely diced red pepper
1 or 2 minced cloves of garlic
3/4 cup golden sultana raisins
1 1/4 cups brown sugar
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1/8 of a cup of lemon juice, bottled not fresh
1 T grated ginger
1 cinnamon stick
1 T mustard seed
1 t whole cloves
1 t curry powder

Throw it all into your heavy-bottomed pot (heavy-bottomed pots rule the world!) and cook until thick and juices evaporate and you feel like it looks like a good chutney. To water bath, I would process these for 10 minutes if using 8 ounce jars. I truly think it's fine, but don't go blaming me if it's not, cause I never told you it was safe. (But I really think it is: apples, pears, lemon juice, vinegar. Feel free to take issue in the comments.)


  1. Your chutney looks really interesting!

  2. That sounds great - and you just reminded me I'm out of lids too. I've gotta get some more before March!

  3. Thanks, ap269! When I really thought about it, it's just a basic carrot apple chutney. But it's very good!

    Annette- I know! I should just buy a pallet. Do you use ball jars? What's your take on the big jar debate?

  4. No issues here except that I'm hungry and your jars of chutney-yum are so far away! Lovely.

  5. Hi Julia,

    Your chutney looks lovely (orange is such a happy color, isn't it?) and those jars are very pretty. I haven't seen them in stores, don't think Amazon carries them either.

    Big jar debate? Please do clue me in!

  6. Kate- You don't know how jealous I get of swap mentions! All the more incentive for a visit. Wish it were easier for me to hop down to the city!

    Auburn- Orange is so nice, isn't it? The past two posts have brightened up the blog a bit, and my pantry. Keen eye on the jars. They were a score at a thrift shop! A big box for $5. I try not to give them out because they are such special jars. I hoard them and use them for fridge pickles and stuff. They are Ball Special Wide Mouths. Don't know from whence they came or how old they are.

    As for the big jar debate? I was referring to trying to avoid the BPA in the lids of standard-issue two-piece lids. It seems to be a theme running in the current canning consciousness. Do you have any thoughts on the issue?

  7. this chutney looks delicious: and i'm glad to read your suggestions for eating it with cheese&bread or yoghurt.... i keep thinking chutney=indian food but i haven't made any of the latter!

  8. Hi Julia,

    I've never canned a thing! :D But I think one of these days I'll give it a try and when I do, I'll use whatever system is safer. In other words, I haven't yet researched this. 8^}

  9. Talia- I made tandoori chicken tonight and had it with the chutney. Too bad I'm so sick I couldn't even eat it. My toddler ate it instead, and I had his cheesy noodles!

    Auburn- When you do start let me know, cause I know you will have all the info!

  10. This looks and sounds amazing! Yum!

  11. Lovely chutney. Very interesting!

  12. My guess is that if the food doesn't touch the lid, then there's not much of an issue there. That's why I'm OK buying the jarred Italian tomatoes, but not so much the canned.

  13. Grow and Resist - Thanks!

    Ellie - Thanks!

    Peter - Thanks for weighing in. I am totally with you on that.

  14. This chutney looks fantastic! I was looking for a recipe with carrots and raisins (I love cooked raisins). I was trying to figure out how to add raisins to my carrot cake jam, but I decided it was better to follow the recipe, at least the first time.

    And about the happy color--it looks like your canisters match the chutney! It was meant to be.

  15. Libby- I love cooked raisins, too. I think they would be great in your jam, but good call on that. I think you could swap 1/2 cup of raisins for the same of pineapple, but I am no expert! Just very experimental. And yeah, I love the colors of the canisters and chutney! So cheery! So many c's!

  16. Thanks, Danisse! Thanks for commenting!

    A note on using chutney: I just used a few tablespoons of this in a last minute meal of chicken sauteed with onions, apples and raisins. It needed some zing and color and the chutney did just that. One more use for chutney.

  17. I use most of my chutneys as a dip for crackers. Use wide mouth half-pints, perfect for dipping right out of the jar! I'm the only one who eats them, so no worry about double-dipping!

    1. Hi Mar, Sounds great! I like wide-mouths, too.