Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vietnamese Pickled Carrot and Celery Root

It's not surprising that many people turn their palates to Asian flavors after the holidays. And pickles are always good for digestion and good health. I made these quick pickles based on a recipe from Linda Ziedrich's wonderful pickling book, The Joy of Pickling. They were totally easy and completely delicious. I loved using celery root in a new way. The original ingredient was daikon, and I thought celery root would make a fine, if slightly drier, substitute. We had it over brown rice, with edamame and diced avocado drizzled with dressing (ginger, garlic, oil, lemon-lime glaze, rice wine vinegar). So good!

Vietnamese Pickled Carrot and Celery Root
Recipe adapted from Linda Ziedrich's Joy of Pickling

1/2 pound combined carrot and celery root, grated (a small carrot and normal sized root)
1/2 tsp pickling salt
4 teaspoons sugar
3 tablespoons rice vinegar

Toss vegetables with salt and let sit for ten minutes. Drain any accumulated water. Dissolve sugar in the vinegar, pour over mixture. Let sit an hour. Store in fridge for a week. Drain off any liquid to serve.


  1. i want to eat that plate - well i mean what's on the plate - for lunch today! it's my school completely!

  2. ME TOO!!! I want to eat it. It
    looks soooooooo good.

    Love, Mamou

  3. never thought of celery root..good idea! we've always pickled carrots and daikon together. Also, beansprouts with carrots,daikon, and chives...but not celery root.

  4. Tigress- wish I could've transported it to you! I want to eat more like this...

    Mamou- it's right up your alley, too!

    Ravenous Couple- Thanks for reading and commenting! Necessity is the mother of invention kind of thing- I had a celery root and no daikon. Loved it!

  5. I never thought to pickle celery root, but it sounds quite good! I will try it next time.

  6. Christine- it was a fortuitous experiment!!