Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Duck Prosciutto Bread

In my experimentation with the duck prosciutto, I think this is my favorite thus far. Back in the day (that's about eight years ago) I used to live in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact, and I used to get some really exemplary prosciutto bread. Maybe it was Joe's Busy Corner in Williamsburg, or perhaps it was Caputo's in Carroll Gardens, I really don't remember. But it was chewy bread, with a good crust, studded with prosciutto and cracked black pepper. (You know things are good when they're studded!) Meaty, spicy, salty and chewy bread. That's what makes a girl happy. So, when seeing the duck prosciutto in the fridge the other day, it dawned upon me that I could make prosciutto bread. I can get nice prosciutto, but if I'm laying out the cash for it, I'm having it sliced in see-through slips with nothing else (sounds dirty, doesn't it?). But the duck prosciutto? It's perfect for cubing and stuffing it into dough.

For bread,  I usually use the guidelines for the basic dough in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I make it and leave it in the fridge in a large food-grade plastic container, and when I'm ready I can throw together a quick loaf of bread. In this case, today's bread began with a look out the window to see more snow pouring down ceaselessly. An ice storm is due tomorrow. If this meaty bread doesn't cure my winter time ennui, I don't know what will. Maybe those three boxes of wine I have down in the basement. Yes, boxes. Don't knock it!

One loaf I rolled out and sprinkled cubes of prosciutto over it, adding fresh ground black pepper. Then I rolled it back up and pinched the ends. The other one was more focaccia-style. The rolled one steamed the meat, and made the inside all nice and duck-fatty. The focaccia one made the duck get all crispy crackly on the top. I really think the best way to approach would be to start with a new batch of bread, so that when incorporating the flour, you can add the prosciutto, so that the meat and dough cling to each other. But this is certainly not a bad place to start.


  1. Oh wow! You are definitely loving your prosciutto! This sounds like a great idea. Which way was your fave? I'll try it mixed in with the dough I think. And, of course, my mind already is pondering the grilled cheese I'll make with it. What cheese to use...hmmm...

  2. Can't wait to try this tomorrow!

  3. You know, I don't even like duck yet this sounds fabulous. Now that there are 200 bloggers out there with duck prosciutto to use up, I'll bet there will be more of this bread cooking in ovens across the country!

  4. Nice, Julia! I made that Bacon Bread (which was supposed to be prosciutto...) awhile ago, and can just imagine how good your duck must I'm so glad I can live vicarious thru your palooza challenges - I'm betting you are going to have tons of great recipes!

  5. I wish I could have had a big hunk of this bread for my lunch, Jules. It looks so good. What a perfect way to face a blizzardy day. Love the pics, too.

  6. Meg - I am! I'm glad you started to like it too! You are brilliant. Grilled cheese made with duck prosciutto bread. Evil genius.

    DR - Cool!

    Kaela - I hope so. But I'll be there's a lot of duck prosciutto pizza going on, too!

    Rebecca - Thanks! Did you post that bacon bread? I'd love to link it with this recipe. Maybe I'll not be lazy and just go search for it!

    Thanks, Shae! Steve had four big pieces when he got home. I think it hits the (blizzardy) spot.

  7. The focaccia style looks amazing, I'm going to have to find duck prosciutto and try this. I wonder what it would be like with a mix of Italian meats, like capicola and mortadella...hmm...

    Ok, tomorrow is going to be dedicated to meaty breads. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. WOW! That looks amazing. Julia would be proud!

    I wonder if adding cheese in with the meat would help?

  9. omg... This sounds delicious I can't wait until my duck is ready to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Denise - It might be too late but make sure you really push those little pieces of meat in the dough. I thought I did, but still they were precariously stuck to the outside when done! I hope it came out great. It's always nice to inspire you, as you are so inspiring yourself!

    Colby - Thank you! I think cheese would be a stupendous addition!

    Sauvageblue - Yay! Thanks for letting me know. I hope it comes out great.