Sunday, May 9, 2010

Roast Rhubarb Tart

Lately, I've been seeing posts about all things rhubarb, and I couldn't be happier about it. Rhubarb is one of my favorite things. It's sweet-tart flavor never fails to imbue me with happiness. I think it would be remiss to say that it's quick season and scarcity add to its mystique. When I was a kid, my mother used to make pots of rhubarb, simply stewed with sugar, and I would happily eat bowls of it. So, when I saw this very simple custard-y tart, I thought, good god, of course! Crème fraîche in the fridge (which, honestly, has to stop being a staple due to its ability to jump into almost any dish and make them much more caloric) and lots of extra fresh eggs put this tart into must-make territory. The recipe is from the Times Online via Mountainear, a lovely blog that I don't read often enough, but when I do, there's always something to love. This tart is very custardy, and on the not-sweet-at-all side! There's only a few tablespoons of sugar, so add some if you have a sweet tooth, or leave it be if you don't. There's no doubt I have a sweet tooth, but I loved how the lack of sugar left the rhubarb to be it's tart self, and the creamy custard to showcase the nuttiness of the crème fraîche.

While you're feeling rhubarb-y you could visit Cakewalk's post on this delicious Rhubarb Kuchen or a great post that includes, but is not limited to, a gorgeous pitcher of rhubarb juice.

Or, Sustainable Eats' recipe for Grandma's Rhubarb Custard Pie, because rhubarb really does pair well with custard. I have a similar recipe that I took the time to photo copy and write on the stained paper, "Great!!"

Or Chez Danisse's post on Star Anise Rhubarb. And then, with rhubarb snack of choice in tow, stay to read all the beautiful things she writes.


  1. There are so many rhubarb recipes, and in my case (since my Husband won't eat it), too much to be made and not enough people to eat it! Your tart looks like a good thing for my next rhubarb adventure - and I invested in a little 6 inch tart pan, so maybe I can reduce the quantity a little so I can make something similar. And you are right-on sister with that creme fraiche thing... I think my sour cream is akin to your creme fraiche, and I am eating way too much heavy cream, that is for sure. But it is soooo gooood, it is soooo hard to stop! We need a support group for culturing fools!

  2. i'm making this tart! ...and i'm beginning to wish i knew what the 'scarcity' of rhubarb felt like. i harvested 10 pounds today and didn't even make a hint of a dent in the patch. srsly.

    about that creme fraiche. i scored a quart of raw clotted cream from my local farmer 3 days ago and it's almost gone...and i'm getting another one tomorrow. don't you try and stop me!

  3. =) I just did a post last night about my current rhubarb obsession. I have the rhubarb (& strawberry-rhubarb) liqueur soaking and I made rhubarb ice cream the other night.
    Many more to try. Yum!

  4. R - Can't believe that people don't like rhubarb, but when I think of it I realize, it might seem a bit weird. And the creme fraiche thing is totally unstoppable. I just put some on chocolate pudding tonight. It was good. What doesn't benefit from cultured heavy cream?

    Tigress - So jealous of your excess! I am buying ten pounds tomorrow after going on a literal rhubarb hunt. You must have one of those old patches that has been around forever, right? And dude, raw clotted cream. That is a wonderful thing. Do you live in the best neighborhood, or what?

    Meg - You are amazing. I have read and fully appreciated your post. Was there a full rhubarb moon last night?

  5. i totally do! girl, i wish i could get some rhubarb to you. srsly. i just saw it at the local co-op for $4.99 a lb. i'm like, "i'm sitting on a goldmine." :)

  6. This looks so good to me. Your photos make me feel like I could poke a fork right into my computer screen and come up with a mouth of custardy goodness. I wish.

  7. Oh no! You are tempting me to prepare more rhubarb! How could you...

  8. Tigress - I wish too! However, I scored a deal at $1.50 a pound though, so I'm pretty happy.

    Shae - That's pretty good! It might not be rhubarb, but soon I'll make you something you can actually eat!

    Denise - Oh, but you must!

  9. It's a good tart isn't it? Lots of different dimensions. I'm wondering what I could substitute for rhubarb when the season's over. any suggestions?

    I'm liking the way that all sorts of people are now trying it in all sorts of different places. Is is now International Roast Rhubarb Tart?

  10. Hey Mountainear! Thanks for coming by. It's a great tart. I was thinking of some savory applications. Why wouldn't it be good with some asparagus in it? Or some such. It seems infinitely variable. This tart certainly deserves it's international appreciation!