Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunny Days and Thrift

It's been gorgeous spring weather these past few days and I haven't really been inspired by food all that much. Not that we haven't been eating well: lamb burgers with beet greens and feta, fried rice with pineapple and shrimp. Steve asks me, why no photos? I guess I'm more inspired to take photos of things outside. Like my rocker, which I put out overlooking the pond and barn. The other night I sat and listened to the peepers, those tiny frogs that are harbingers of spring in our area. It's such a great aural memory, like smelling the dirt after the thaw, that really means spring is here. Being outside at night is also a great feeling.

Isn't it nice to find a wild columbine growing at the base of a cedar?

The only rooster we have.

Playing outside with the tractor.

I love it when I can use something that seems to be destined for the garbage. These boots have cracks in the soles--pretty worthless, right? I mean these boots are made for the rain. Well, mostly. I know I should have gotten a real pair of rubber boots. A serious pair. Not a fashionable pair meant for skipping through a mall parking lot from car to door. A pair that's for muck and mud and huge puddles. At least I got them at a thrift shop, so I didn't spend much for them. But it killed me, because aside from the glaring cracks in the soles (!!) they're fine boots. So, I cut them down and turned them into my gardening boots. They slip on and off really easily. I can't throw anything out!


  1. I was out in the sun all day myself watching the signs of spring: your photos are lovely, so much spring to see and enjoy!
    nice job w/ the boots too!

  2. iB - Isn't spring delicious! Sometimes I don't think it's ever going to come back. Thanks about the photos; I think they're subpar, but it gets the idea across!

  3. I don't have a rocker out (the unseasonably warm weather has awaken the bloody black flies already) but I do have a pair of "tailored" ;) LLBean Wellies with cracked seams.

    I can throw things out but only after their second or third "re-incarnation." :D

  4. Auburn - Nice on the wellies! It takes a lot for me to throw something out. Aren't the bugs murder?

  5. Never been to the Hudson Valley but, based on your photos, I'd say our properties are very similar. Mine is flanked by dense woods which provides more shade than I care for and a myriad of bugs and four-legged visitors, all of which makes gardening virtually impossible and "enjoying" the outdoors just a dream. Sigh. We really hate it here - Why, oh why, did we buy this house? I will never know.

    People tell us it's lovely. Must be because they don't have to live here.

    Maybe it's just us! :D :D :D

    (But really, when I see people sitting outside, enjoying a lovely meal or reading a book I feel soooo sad that we can't do the same.) Sniff.

    We'll be out of here within the year so it's OK.

  6. Auburn- Where are you, N.H.? We don't get quite as big, ugly bugs as you--no black flies, thank god--but we do get lots of mayflies and mosquitoes. We also have a screened-in porch, so that's very helpful.
    Where are you going?