Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Random Salad

I just thought this was the prettiest salad. First of the cucumbers with local crumbled feta, and local black raspberries macerated with some sugar and white balsamic vinegar.


  1. Ooh, I want! That looks really good and I be the combo of flavors are great! No cukes or blackberries here yet. I'm going to try and go pick some raspberries this week though. Yum. Though, will the babylady I might just buy instead of pick =)

  2. It *is* a really gorgeous salad. One of our summer faves is cucumber, feta & tomato; I picked up some lovely grape tomatoes at the farmer's market yesterday that are destined for a salad tonight.

    Weirdly our black raspberry yield has been almost non-existent this year. Maybe our wild vines have finally petered out? :(

  3. Great looking dish. I wander how it would be with some cherry tomatos.

    By the way looks like you post a lot of vegetarian dishes. Thats good for me since that is all I eat.

  4. Inventive, yet simple (and pretty). Nice. I'm all about random salads.

    My technique: What looks good right now. Let's do it.

  5. Meg - I'm thinking you bought instead of picked, right? We picked blueberries recently and it worked because my little guy loves blueberries. Even then it was tough wrangling him!

    Kaela - Thanks! Do you make your feta? I am embarking on that very soon. Cuke, tomato and feta is also one of my faves, though with red onion, too.
    And your berry canes? That would be so sad. How could that be??

    LinuxPhreak - Hey, thanks! Probably be great. Sungolds would be real pretty. Salads are big right now, but I'll be honest, it gets a little meaty in here come winter...

    Denise - That's how I roll, too. My technique is: what do I have? I have to do that because otherwise I have at least a twenty minute drive to get anything!