Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Markets

Yesterday was a scintillatingly bright day, and we decided to take an excursion into New Paltz for a little fun. I was intending to go to the thrift shop and then the toy store, but we stepped into one of the winter farmer's markets going on in the area these days. Lucky me! I had forgotten it was going on. There are various ones open once a month, so there are a few scattered happenings to tide us through the long, dark months. I'd gone to the Rosendale market a few times, which are on the first Sunday of the month. The one we visited yesterday was a Winter Sun Farms venture and it was very high spirited, to say the least. Folks were streaming in to pick up their CSA shares. Vendors lined a front room selling goat cheese, meats, vegetables, canned items, grains, baked goods, maple syrup and skeins of gorgeous local yarns. What a delight for sleepy eyes! Most exciting was greens--delicate, lovely greens. I bought some pea shoots and ate them for dinner. Just tossed in olive oil and seasoned rice vinegar.

I also got celery root, red turnips, and watermelon radishes.

Most exciting was the frozen local tomatoes. I thought that was brilliant. A nice square of diced Roma and Juliette from Hepworth and Veritas Farms. Over the summer they (amazingly) had an abundance and froze them. It was a sight for sore eyes. They also had frozen peppers for sale.

The attitude was so lively and people just seemed jubilant. Yay!


  1. This reminds me, I need to visit the farmers markets again. These veggies look so delicious! Even in the dead of winter there's great fresh produce!

  2. It's always fun to visit fresh produce markets whether it's winter or summer. I am going to visit mine this sunday :)

  3. Christine- Bundle up! It's worth it!

    Ellie- And I'll be you have an awesome summer one going on right now!!