Monday, July 19, 2010

Apricot Puree

This photo just made me happy. It's nothing special, just frozen cubes of apricot puree. I popped them into a bag and they will rest in the freezer for whenever I need a dose. Needless to say, it's been hot as hell lately. We've been eating salads and icy things a lot. Watermelon aqua fresca to drink, and in ice pop form, too. I have begun to have fantasies of an autumn chill. It's a tad early, but these thoughts do come every summer...


  1. Love, love, LOVE the old school ice cube tray! And fabulous picture; angle, composition, everything - you nailed it.

    I did the same last year with strawberry puree; this year I'm livin on Edy's lime popsicles. Hey, even a Local Girl has to splurge every now & then: it's my Locavore Scurvy Prevention Program.

  2. Great idea to freeze fruit puree! I freeze fruit in the "normal" way (i.e. whole/sliced as appropriate) but this would be delicious in the winter :-)

  3. Kaela - I know, right? I'm in love with those silly things. And thanks, I felt that way, too. Awww. You totally deserve those lime pops, btw, this weather has been atrocious. When are you coming up here for a cold frosty one?

    livinginalovalzone - I love the little cubes! Some times you just need a little bit, right?

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